I told you so

To the Cafe - Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947)

'Oh dear, Maisy, what a-to-do! Mind you, I knew it wouldn't last, I told you so. I said to Aunt Mabel on your wedding day, “I give it six months, and he'll be off ”. And so it's proved.'

'Mum . . .'

'I always knew your Alfie was no good, a lady's man through and through, too cocky for his own good, if you'll pardon the expression. But you wouldn't listen. You knew best. You thought you could change him. But of course, that sort never change, he'll be chasing skirt to his grave. He even tried it on with your sister, but she gave him short shrift, more sense that one. If I'd been a few years younger I expect he'd have tried it on with me.


'It's as well you didn't give up your job down at the milliners. It'll pay your rent. I've let your room to a real gentleman, Mr Allinson. He's only just arrived so I can hardly tell him to go, now can I? Mabel said she never felt quite safe with your Alfie about, not that I think Mabel wanted to be entirely safe since her Harry died prematurely. She's certainly casting her eye about. Your father always fancied Mabel you know. I shall have to keep an eye on him. Talking of him, I can't imagine what your father will say. What an earth are we going to tell him?'

'Tell him he's going to be a grandfather!'